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Educator & Trainer

 Over the years I have delivered training for CAA qualifications via a RAE (Recognised Assessment Entity) and have run courses and in Drone safety, drone filming and creative aspects of drone film making for The Photography Show, ScreenSkills, BECTU, BBC, BBC Academy, The World of Drones Congress in Brisbane, Universities including Queensland University, Salford University and Edge Hill, and York University.  Evolve Film Makers course in Switzerland.   I have run film making courses in Schools for BFI and for local councils from age 6 years and upwards. This was part of writing the 21st century literacy curriculum. 

I have also delivered training to self shoot for the edit for BBC North and introduction to editing packages for BBC North.  


Running courses in person and online for ScreenSkills, BBC Academy, BBC North, BBC School Report (Now BBC Young Reporter)  in lots of disciplines from creative drone uses, cameras, shooting for the edit and introduction to editing packages.

I have worked with Canon UK to create content about cameras,  both technical capabilities and creative capacities. 

 To share your knowledge and skills with others is something I love doing, I am also keen to learn new skills myself by staying curious and upto date. 


Training Testimonials

Dave edwards.jpg

GVC Training 

Carys is not just a really impressive Drone Pilot, she’s a brilliant drone trainer. I conducted my practical training with Carys in 2021 and was impressed with her attention to detail and professionalism in regard to all aspects of drone flying - especially safety.  Carys made me feel at ease and instilled great confidence in me. I wish. I have never met anyone with such positivity, drive and passion for television production. Her enthusiasm is infectious and I know she really enjoys keeping up to date with technology, but most importantly sharing this knowledge with trainees.

David Edwards, Camera Operator. 

Post Training support 

“Carys’s knowledge and support throughout my training, exams and in the years since, has been invaluable. She has been there on the end of the phone when I’ve encountered tricky jobs, helping me with everything from risk assessments to advice on how to get permissions to fly & film in locations across the UK. I feel so lucky to have found Carys, because she is not only a fountain of knowledge relating to all things drone and camera, but also a great support in the industry. I can’t recommend her highly enough!” Rachel Airley, Surfr Media. 

Practical Flight training 

I’ve known Carys for a long time from when we both worked in Salford for the BBC. She gave me the confidence and clarity I needed to operate the drone in all circumstances and conditions. The course material was excellent, and Carys’ practical component was great - I really enjoyed the training, and once again the she was both an expert at flying drones and a great instructor.  Alex South - Senior producer and Camera operator

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