Bases in Manchester and London

Shooting PD// Camera Operator

Drone Pilot // Film Maker

Available for freelance and contract jobs

UK and World wide 


I have been a camera operator for over 14 years and pride myself at being both technically adept and creative.  I have shot on shoulder mounted cameras including the PMW 500 and other TV industry standard cameras such as Canon Xf305, C300 & Sony FS7.


I know the difference between different cameras and what impact that look will have on the look of a piece of film.  I am able to explain technical concepts to directors and producers.


From sit-down interviews to action sequences, I have shot documentaries, obs docs, news, and sports footage. Because of my directing skills I am constantly thinking of the story’s structure and the shots required.



I'm one of very few professional female drone pilots working in the media industry.  I have a CAA PFCO licence for <7kg Drones.  When employed as freelancer for your company you can also make use of my drone skills - perfect for production companies on a budget.


I know about the legal use of drones in the UK and abroad, providing pre-deployment surveys, planning and health and safety.  I can advise productions on how to proceed with projects and write operations manuals for the use of drones in your organisation, even if that is not TV.  I am also in demand in other areas of the drone industry.


I regularly speak at events about the use of drones, write industry articles and blog regularly.  You can catch up with me on twitter @thedrone_lass

I am a self-shooting PD with CAA PFCO to fly drones.  Recent Credits  2017,  - The Next Jamie Vardy SKY ONE / ZigZag productions, include a french documentary about a historical society, The Lakes and Dales Series 2 More 4 / True North. 


  I was the documentary filmmaker for BodyPositive, a groundbreaking BBC pilot which successfully broke into the 16-34 young female market for the first time.  Several of my videos were viral successes.


The successful tone and style of my videos has been documented is being used strategically by the BBC to inform a large future offering for this audience.


Since then I have been a producer/ director a trailer for Wimbledon and a series of successful Olympics videos for Get Inspired, the BBC’s sports participation project, directing BBC Breakfast presenters and liaising with social media APs and researchers to maximise success.  I have worked as a shooting AP for just over 10 years. 

I'm a film maker at heart.  I love being behind a camera – whether it be for TV, websites, corporate films, films for brands, or short films for social media campaigns.  Creating high quality films drives me.  So, whatever footage you need, please get in touch. 


I taught drama to children for over 10 years and have a natural affinity to directing children and getting the best out of them.  I am passionate and knowledgeable about horse sports and cycling.


I am personable, friendly, get the best out of people and I am good with junior members of teams as well as senior executive levels. I am happy to share my skills and knowledge.


My films have been put forward for five awards by the BBC in 2016.  Bronze Lovie award winner for film content  - Best Use of film for social media. 



Recent broadcast camera credits include:- The Real House Wives of Cheshire (Monkey Kingdom/ Universal) 2017.  BBC Songs of Praise, Trust me I am a Doctor (BBC2), Passover: Why is this night different (BBC), Look North, North West Tonight. 

I have been accepted to BAFTA crew 2017/2018 a participation programme providing training and support to regional based crew   

I have my own kit, Camera FS7, Lighting, sound recording including radio mics and drones. All broadcast quality

Shooting PD

I edit films with FCP, FCPX and Premier Pro , can turn edits around quickly. I am also highly experienced in directing and producing professional edits for broadcast.

As Producer for BBC 6 Music's Rock the Dock,  I have extensive experiance  of producing and organising groups of people and teams to create exciting and engaging events, this includes multi camera set ups for event filming.


Experience live stream BBC internal and external events, multi camera vision mixing whilst directing camera teams. 

Camera Operator

Bronze Lovie winner Award 2016 Best use of film for Social Media

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